Our Rooms


The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is regarded for its elegant simplicity. The space boasts 80-foot skylighted ceilings, granite floors and red oak furniture. Large, street-to-ceiling windows of clear glass allow both for passers by to peer into the Sanctuary and for a tremendous amount of natural light to fill it during daytime hours. In the evening, the windows frame impressive views of midtown Manhattan. Group or individual use of the Sanctuary can be arranged for private rehearsals, and for public performances, memorials, weddings and other functions. The Sanctuary connects to the public plaza and the Living Room, an ideal place for receptions.


The Living Room

The Living Room is a large, flexible space at the base of the grand staircase of Saint Peter’s Church. The Living Room is also accessible by elevator. While the space is wide and open, it can be partitioned for segmented use. The term “Living Room” may bring to mind a variety of associations. The name is used at Saint Peter’s Church to emphasize dynamic and life-affirming community within a dense corporate environment. For this reason, while the space is clean and simple, it is also warm and inviting.


The Warming Pantry

The Warming Pantry is located in at the rear of the Living Room. Though thoughtfully concealed from the view of persons in outlying areas, the Warming Pantry is readily accessible. It includes an integrated serving area that can either function in buffet style or can be closed off entirely to provide a private space for preparation. Food assembly prior to serving is the ideal use of this space. Receptions that take place in the Living Room are easily prepared and staged in the Warming Pantry. The Warming Pantry is equipped with under-the-counter refrigerators, freestanding freezers, warming stovetops and ovens, a dishwasher, two coffee makers, hand and dish sinks and plenty of counter space. Basic kitchen preparatory equipment is available.


The Plaza Room

Well-suited for medium and small-scale events, the Plaza Room is available to individuals or groups for workshops or meetings, presentations or conversations. Small film screenings with discussion work very nicely in this room. This room is often used by the parish for teaching and education. It is also used for overflow space and as a green room.


The Music Room

The Music Room is a large two-story space. Acoustical paneling provides some acoustical isolation and enhancement. The Music Room is located on Lower Level 2 of Saint Peter’s Church, and is easily accessed by elevator or stairwell. Groups and individuals may make use of this space. It is ideal for ensemble rehearsal or small performances. Its flexibility also lends itself well to use for medium scale meetings, presentations and workshops. This room is often used by the parish for musical rehearsals.


The Studio

The Studio is a small, acoustically treated room with bright lighting and studio-style flooring. Its primary intention is to be an open, hospitable place for musicians and artists. Others are welcome to make use of this space. The Studio is located on Lower Level 2 of Saint Peter’s Church, and easily accessed by elevator or stairwell. Ensemble rehearsal is ideal in this space. Its flexibility also lends itself well to use for small-scale meetings and presentations.