Joining Voice To God’s Voice

God provides good news to proclaim: God is always with and for God’s people. Nothing will separate anyone from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Proclaiming this good news is a serious task, but it need not be boring or mundane. In fact, good news such as this ought to be proclaimed with creativity and a freshness commensurate with the message being proclaimed.

Saint Peter’s Church fosters the creative proclamation of God’s promises in a ministry aptly named, Creative Proclamations. People with a love for reading publicly and with thoughtful interpretation prepare the scripture readings for the many liturgies of Saint Peter’s Church. Additionally, Creative Proclamations prepares larger scale readings for use at special occasions throughout the liturgical year, including the Epiphany of our Lord, the Passion of our Lord according to Saint John on Good Friday, the Great Vigil of Easter, and other major festival days.

The approach to larger scale works in particular, is more akin to dramatized reading than theatrical production. The idea is to illumine the text in speech and in gesture in order to bring the multivalent meanings of scripture to life.

Creative Proclamations is an open ministry organized by volunteers at Saint Peter’s Church, and gladly receives anyone wishing to participate in this important work. As rehearsals are on an ad hoc basis, interested persons should contact the church office for a schedule.

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