Prayer And Praise EnrichedBy Joyful Sounds

Music of all sorts thrives at Saint Peter’s Church. Nearly every minute of each day is filled with people practicing or performing some piece of music somewhere in or just outside of the building.

No more beautiful is the music that enriches the prayer and praises of the community gathered for the public liturgies of Saint Peter’s Church.

This is a musical community. Many musicians, professional and amateur, are a vital part of it. Classical musicians and jazz musicians. Strings and brass. Piano and organ. Voice. Whatever the musical instrument, it can be heard at Saint Peter’s Church. And it is valued, because music offers a gimps of the glory of God. It is though, to quote the text of a beloved hymn, “the whole creation cried: ‘Alleluia!’.”

Organ music and jazz are particularly strong strands of the musical tradition at Saint Peter’s Church. The church has called two professional musicians to offer these gifts regularly, and to coordinate their use in the life of the community. The roles of these directors of music also include composition and improvisation, and collaboration with other musicians.

Persons interested in offering musical gifts within the community should contact the music staff at the church office.

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