Gracious Movement In Prayer And Praise

God gives the gift of movement and gesture to speak in ways words cannot. Dance heightens the senses, makes what is beautiful more beautiful — perhaps a gimps of what scripture means by those who continuously surround the very throne of God.

Saint Peter’s Church is blessed by a number of professional dancers who are active in the life of the community. These people prepare special choreographed dances for liturgical celebrations.

A dancer might hover over the water of the Sanctuary’s large baptismal font so as to depict the Holy Spirit. Incense bowls are often graciously carried in procession or continuously circled around the Altar Table.

These gestures provide tangible accents to God’s living word proclaimed and manifest in community: the refreshing and renewing waters of creation, descent in the form of a dove at baptism, and the Pentecost gift of God, the Holy Spirit.

The endless creativity of many gifted artists enrich the liturgy of Saint Peter’s Church. Persons interested in offering such gifts should contact the church office.

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