Bach Festival

A Celebration Of The Music Of Johann Sebastian Bach

The Bach Festival at Saint Peter’s Church celebrates the tremendous musical influence of composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Bach was a Lutheran church musician, whose final post was in Leipzig, Germany.

The festival was founded in 1993 and has taken a variety of approaches: sometimes a day-long marathon, other times a series of concerts, and, honoring the way in which much of Bach’s music would have been performed, sometimes undertaken in liturgical contexts. A recent performance of the Coffee Cantata in a coffee house setting is an example of the variety of formats in which Bach’s music thrives.

Organ recitals are played on the Sanctuary’s Klais organ, a 32-stop tracker-action instrument. John Weaver, Joan Lippincott, Walter Hilse, and McNeil Robinson are among the many professional performers who have offered recitals at this continuing Bach Festival.

The Festival also regularly features cantatas and orchestral works by Bach or composers inspired by him.  Generally, these works are sung by a combination of professional and amateur voices.