A Cross at Lexington Avenue And 54Th Street

The exterior cross at Saint Peter’s Church is a powerful design by Italian-born sculptor, Arnaldo Pomodoro. The work was installed in 1982. It is the gift of the Timmerman family and their friends.


A large wedge shape pierces a harsh, rigid cross in this depiction of the crucifixion.

The wedge suggests a nail. It is highly polished. The front side includes an abstract corpus of Christ’s body as well as the instruments of crucifixion, all in sharp relief. The back is the piercing side of the wedge/nail. The cross is a deep, rust-colored bronze. It is striking, even in its simplicity.

The eye is drawn back and forth between “nail” and cross, and oddly engenders a serene sense of completion. While the violence of the crucifixion is no doubt depicted, the ability of the cross and the instruments of crucifixion to terrify is quelled.