A Commanding Yet Elegant Cross Used In Procession

Bill Cordaroy is a well-regarded blacksmith known for forging unique pieces of art. He works mostly in steel. A native of Norwich, England, his pieces are on display prominently throughout southeastern England. He forged the gates at the entrances to St. John’s Chapel, Cambridge. Cordaroy’s processional cross and torches for Saint Peter’s Church are gifts of Ace and Margie Clark.


The cross and torches are forged in burnished stainless. The steel is concave, measuring nearly one inch thick at its bulkiest point. All edges are highly polished and provide a delightful, but subtle, glimmer as the cross is used in procession.

At the cross point, a simple nail is wedged in a joint to hold the cross bar in place. A similar feature is employed at the “drip protector” of the torches.