A Sculptor Of The Color Spectrum

Saint Peter’s Church is delighted to display two of Dale Chihuly’s "Macchia." These two works of art are on long-term loan to Saint Peter’s Church, after a highly-successful temporary installation by Mr. Chihuly in the Sancutary entitled “Persian Window.”


Mr. Chihuly writes of these works: "The Macchia series began with my waking up one day wanting to use all 300 of the colors in the hotshop. I started by making up a color chart with one color for the interior, another color for the exterior, and a contrasting color for the lip wrap, along with the various jimmies and dusts of pigment between the gathers of glass. Throughout the blowing process, colors were added, layer upon layer. Each piece was another experiment. When we unloaded the ovens in the morning, there was the rush of seeing something I had never seen before. Like much of my work, the series inspired itself. The unbelievable combination of color — that was the driving force."

America’s pre-eminent free-blown glass sculptor, Mr. Chihuly studied in the same workshop with which the interior designers of Saint Peter’s Church, Massimo and Lella Vignelli, have a close relationship. It was in 1968, after receiving a Fulbright Scholarship, that Mr. Chihuly worked at the Venini glass factory in Venice, Italy.