An Exquisite Weaving For Saint Peter’s Church

A dossal cloth is an ornamental hanging attached to the wall behind a church’s altar. The dossal cloth at Saint Peter’s Church is a hand woven piece by Ann Sherwin Bromberg. It is the gift of the late Robert Bell and his wife, Susan.

Ms. Bromberg is a native of New York. She now resides in Massachusetts. She is one of America’s noted weavers and continues to practice this art form.


Having completed a number of studies for the commission, the pale, neutral shades of the final piece coordinate with the beige walls of the Sanctuary, where the piece hangs when in use. Though woven together as one piece, the design woven into the dossal cloth suggests three major sections, echoing the sections of the window situated just above it.

The abstract figures that seem to be lifting heavenward give the work its name. Ms. Bromberg titled the commission, “Ascension.”