The mission of Saint Peter’s Church is to creatively shape life in the city.

God has claimed the city, and all who call it home, to be a place of healing and wholeness, reconciliation and peace, newness and delight. Thus, the vitality of the city, and the well-being of those who live in it, is the primary, ongoing concern of the people of Saint Peter’s Church.



619 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Tel (212) 935–2200


The Arts

Fostering the creative and performing arts is one of the longest continuous mission commitments of Saint Peter’s Church.

Breakfast Program

Every Tuesday morning Saint Peter’s Church provides a hot breakfast meal and a bagged lunch and dinner to more than 125 guests. These guests are of all ages and backgrounds. Some work, some constantly look for work. Hunger is their common story.

Christian Dialogue

Saint Peter’s Church is a leader in encouraging and facilitating dialogue and cooperation across Christian denominations. It celebrates the many full partnerships between Lutherans and other Christian denominations that allow for churches to be served by each other’s clergy. Saint Peter’s Church is particularly proud to have an ecumenical pastoral staff.

Interfaith Dialogue

Having served the midtown neighborhood together for a century, perhaps the strongest and longest-continuing interfaith relationship between Saint Peter’s Church and another religious institution is that with neighboring Central Synagogue. The two congregations regularly engage in activities and dialogue together, including the annual remembrance of the holocaust.

Saint Peter’s Church engages in a variety of other interfaith partnerships and dialogues. Its clergy are members of the Partnership of Faith, the Faith and Public Policy Roundtable, and New Sanctuary Coalition NYC.

Legal & Other Services for Immigrants

Saint Peter’s Church is a community of immigrants. The story of every person in the community is one of immigration to the United States. Some families immigrated in the past year. Other families immigrated centuries ago. Owing to this history, Saint Peter’s Church is replete with gifts from many and various cultures, and has much experience in forging community in the midst of immigration patterns. Saint Peter’s provides legal and personal counseling and other services to people at all stages of the immigration process.

Momentum Project

Concern for the wellbeing of persons living with HIV and AIDS emerged at Saint Peter’s Church in the 1980s. In response to the epidemic, the community founded and continues to support the Momentum Project.

Sanctuary Congregation

We are proud to be a Sanctuary Congregation ready to help protect refugees and undocumented people from arrest and deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers (ICE) in partnership with organizations like Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, The New Sanctuary Coalition, The New York Immigration Coalition, New York Legal Aid Society, the ELCA’s AMMPARO program, & Sion Iglesia Luterana.

Unforgettables Chorus

The Unforgettables is a unique chorus for people with dementia and their family members and friends. The chorus rehearses for 13 weeks for a concert that features nearly 20 songs, and to date has performed nearly 30 concerts together. Dr. Mary Mittelman and colleagues at NYU Langone developed the program. Concerts are held at Saint Peter’s. Learn more here.

Recovery: 12-Step & Other Support Groups

Saint Peter’s Church is committed to accompanying people through recovery processes. Pastors are available for conversation, as are all the resources of the church: its prayer and liturgies, renewing community and opportunities for service.

A variety of recovery programs meet regularly at Saint Peter’s Church. While the nature of many of these programs is to be independent of any host organization, Saint Peter’s Church is privileged to be a place where so many people continue along the road of healing and wholeness.

Senior Center

Saint Peter’s Church is committed to shaping life for seniors in New York City. Community is perhaps the most necessary element. Meals are taken in community, knowledge is shared, new skills are learned. Community sustains joys and sorrows. Life thrives in community.

In partnership with Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, Saint Peter’s Church hosts a robust Senior Center Monday through Friday. An on-site social worker provides needed services and direction. Lunch is always served. A wide range of programs is offered. The senior center at Saint Peter’s Church includes a theatre desk, which often-times offers special discounts for productions by the York Theatre Company, in residence at the Theatre at Saint Peter’s Church.

Social Activism

Individual members of the Saint Peter’s community, and the community as a whole, organize for various social justice causes including environmental protection and immigrant rights.