Members' Email of December 13, 2018

Next Tuesday, December 18, the volunteers who work so diligently to feed homeless people will give them the gifts – hats, gloves and socks — wrapped on Sunday. Roosevelt André Credit and a bunch of his friends will show up to sing Christmas carols with our guests and volunteers and then, when breakfast is over, I will preside and Roosevelt and friends will sing for our annual Christmas mass for our homeless friends. By the end of this day our volunteers will have served over 3500 meals at Tuesday’s Breakfast program from September through December 18. That’s an average of 200 + meals – breakfast and lunch but not counting ‘seconds’ — each Tuesday. The volunteers, some from Saint Peter’s and many more from New York Cares are a tight-knit, loving community; very much a part of the “dear faithful people of Saint Peter’s Church.” I thank God for them regularly…

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