Life-Affirming Love Strengthened In Relationship

Marriage is a way of daily living a life of Baptism. It is a special commitment to the bonds of love. It draws on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that love and faithfulness within two made one family might be a living sign of God’s grace.


Our love for another person emerges out of God’s love for us in Christ Jesus. In Baptism, we receive grace from God’s abundant love. In Marriage, another gift from God, we love another person through the bonds of a committed relationship that reflects God’s committed relationship with us. Marriage is intended for the joy and mutual strength of those who enter into it and for the well-being of the whole human family.


While Marriage is a sign of God’s love, it is also a human estate, with vows witnessed publicly. The church, gathered as a community of faith, surrounds these promises with the living Word of God, and prayers of blessing and intercession.

The community of faith is not only the place in which a married life is begun, it is also the place in which a married life is forged. Community is a gift of God for the enrichment, support and public witness of those who live into marriage.

The people of Saint Peter’s Church support members of its pastoral staff who publicly preside at Christian liturgies celebrating the bonds of love between all God’s people, including lesbian, gay bi-sexual and transgender persons. The community supports and cares for all couples who live in committed relationships and for all single persons, all of whom together reflect God’s love for the whole world.