Public Affirmation Of New Life Received In Baptism

Through the waters of Baptism, God gives the free gift of abundant and never-ending grace. God also claims and sets aside the newly baptized for life as a loving Christian.


At some point, generally as an adult and with the guidance of a pastor, a baptized person makes public affirmation of Baptism. That affirmation is called Confirmation.

Confirmation centers on a baptized person’s daily life of faith, hope and love. It acknowledges that a baptized person’s daily life is not lived out alone — a Christian is never alone — but lived out with God at work in and with that person.

Christians call the wondrous work of God in and with people gifts of the Holy Spirit. At Confirmation the whole community prays that the person affirming baptism be gifted by God the Holy Spirit: stir up in your servant the gift of your Holy Spirit; confirm her/his faith, guide her/his life, empower her/him in her/his serving, give her/him patience in suffering, and bring her/him to everlasting life.


"If God is for us," Saint Paul writes, "who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31b).

Answer: No one

That question is answered definitively at Baptism. And it is the question that is answered anew at Confirmation and at any point in life in which a person affirms his or her Baptism.

At Confirmation, the entire community of God affirms God’s love for all people. In prayer, the entire community of God surrounds those affirming their faith — those whose faith is being Confirmed — with God’s own affirmation.

Confirmation is, with Baptism, a public commitment by the whole community of God’s people that the life of the community and each life in the community overflow with goodness and love.