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Dance@SaintPeters: Wedding Feast at Cana
January 20, 2013
Dance@SaintPeters presents Wedding Feast at Cana as part of a multi-week liturgical dance festival at Saint Peter's Church.

Roberto Lara and Hannah Barnard, members of Saint Peter's Church, choreographed the performance, and danced along with Lainie Berman and Shiloh Hodges. The music was "Tribus Miraculis" by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.

Tribus miraculis ornatum diem sanctum colimus: hodie stella magos duxit ad praesepium, hodie vinum ex aqua factum est ad nuptias, hodie in Jordane Christus baptizari voluit, ut salvaret nos. Alleluia!

Three miracles adorn the holy day that we celebrate now: toady the star led the Magi to the manger; today water was turned into wine for the wedding; today Christ desired to be baptized in the Jordan, that he might save us. Alleluia!