Each Sunday at 5:00 P.M. an open community gathers for prayer and reflection on the lines of sacred scripture and jazz.

The community is diverse and includes people who live near and far, native and new New Yorkers, and people visiting New York City. Oftentimes churches will bring groups from their home congregations. Others are not Christians or are exploring Christianity for the first time in this supportive environment. Musicians from New York and throughout the world come to play.

As at every other liturgy of Saint Peter's Church, everyone is welcome.

About the musicians


Jeff Lederer-reeds
Mary LaRose/Miles Griffith - vocals
Jamie Saft - keyboard
Chris Lightcap - bass
Allison Miller - drums

The "Shakers n' Bakers" are a group that was formed in 2005 to perform the "Vision Songs" of the Shaker religious sect, songs that were
received in trance by young women of the Shaker religious sect during the years 1837-50. These songs are highly individual and the lyrics are often written in languages of inspiration rather than English and the group's unique performances re-imagine these songs in the context of free jazz, minimalism and Pop Anthems. The group has recorded two CD's and performed at many of the significant historical Shaker sites, as well as performing at the World Festival of Sacred Music. This year a new Shakers n' Bakers recording will highlight the connections between this body of ecstatic Spiritual music and the music of free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler, focusing on the songs Albert did in collaboration with Mary Maria Parks on his last recordings, including the iconic "New Grass" record.

More info here: www.littleimusic.com