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Video Reflection: Reminiscere
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Centered on texts drawn from the Requiem Mass, this video series of Lenten meditations draws on music, dance, poetry and the spoken word, brought to life by the diverse liturgical arts programs of Saint Peter's Church.

Lectionary texts and prayers appropriate to each of the meditations can be viewed by clicking "text" in the index to the left.

About this reflection

Elsa Larsson, contralto, and Dr. Thomas E. Schmidt, harpsichord, perform "Dido's Lament: when I am laid in the earth" from Dido and Aeneas, an opera by Henry Purcell telling the apocalyptic romance of the title characters, Dido and Aeneas. The Trojan Warrior Aeneas, seeking Italy in order to settle there and secure his son's lineage, is blown off course from Sicily, and lands on the shores of Northern Africa, in Carthage. Their queen is Dido, with whom Aeneas has a love affair, before departing for Italy and leaving Dido alone. She becomes so distraught that she orders for a large pyre to be placed, on which she plans to impale herself, and be set ablaze so that Aeneas will see from his ship.