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Video Reflection: Ash Wednesday
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Centered on texts drawn from the Requiem Mass, this video series of Lenten meditations draws on music, dance, poetry and the spoken word, brought to life by the diverse liturgical arts programs of Saint Peter's Church.

Lectionary texts and prayers appropriate to each of the meditations can be viewed by clicking "text" in the index to the left.

About this reflection

Watson Bosler, of Creative Proclamations, reads an excerpt from The Altar of the Dead by Henry James in the Erol Beker Chapel of the Good Shepherd at Saint Peter’s Church. The sculpture in the background is the Cross of the Good Shepherd (1977) by Louise Nevelson.

A fable of literally life and death significance, The Altar of the Dead explores how George Stransom attempts to keep alive the memory of his dear friends especially that of the great love of his life, Mary Antrim, who died before they could be married, thereby keeping them from being forgotten entirely in the rush of everyday events.
The story is far from a morbid, obsessive essay on death but rather shows how forgiveness and love can overcome the wrongs of the past, making it a parable for the living even more than an homage to the dead.