Pentecost is a day of great celebration and importance in the church. In fact, it is often called the "birthday of the church," for it is the day on which God's people receive the gift of the Holy Spirit -- 2,000 ago and again, today and in every generation.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit prompt the church, the people of God to creatively shape life in every time and place. Often represented as tongues of fire, the Holy Spirit enlivens, nurtures, inspires.

This year the tongues of fire will be represented with 1,000 peace cranes made by members and friends. The cranes will be suspended from the ceiling of the church in such a way that will coordinate with the 150th anniversary hanging and the Sanctuary's iconic skylights.

Origami paper, and printed instructions, will be available on Sundays prior. Watch the video tutorial by clicking on "video" in the menu to the left.
Appointed texts

The ecumenical Revised Common Lectionary appoints texts in a three year cycle (Years A, B and C). The texts for the Day of Pentecost, Year C are:

Genesis 11:1–9
Psalm 104:24–34, 35b
Acts 2:1–21
Saint John 14:8–27