Family & Children

Faith Formation For Children And Their Families

Families and children are integral to Saint Peter’s Church. Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to participate in every liturgy together with their families: standing for the Gospel and “coloring” incense, receiving communion, giving an offering, lighting a candle, learning to sing by joining the voice of many others and splashing water to remember Baptism. All these things — and more — are foundational and essential to the faith formation of children, are even more dynamic when in community with those who are already their sisters and brothers in Christ.

Learning Together

Age-appropriate learning is critical for young children. Saint Peter’s Church provides opportunities for education and formation that seek to respond to the needs of young children as discerned in pastoral conversations with the adults who care for them.

Weekly education sessions take up scriptural themes, basic theological concepts and some Christian history.

Wider community events and celebrations often include activities specifically designed for children to learn, grown and participate fully and joyfully as they are able. With their families, children decorate the main Christmas tree in the Living Room of Saint Peter’s Church. Children and their families occasionally bake bread for the sharing of communion at mass.

Safe Church

Saint Peter’s Church is committed to building a safe environment for all people who enter into or engage this community. A comprehensive and dynamic safe church policy is carried out by a safe church advocate and committee appointed by the Parish Council. While the safe church policy is intended for everyone, it is often of particular concern of adults who care for young children. The policy is available for download and is kept on file in the church office.

Download safe church policy PDF