Christ’s Love In The Spectrum Of Gender And Sexuality

Saint Peter’s Church affirms the dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer (LGBTQ) persons, and is committed to the full and just inclusion of all people in the life of church and society. It is a Reconciling in Christ Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

In this community, LGBTQ people and their families are affirmed. Particular needs and concerns of LGBTQ persons and their families are often topics of facilitated conversations, studies, presentations and special events, as well as the focus of the community’s prayer. The entire pastoral staff is committed to providing pastoral care across the spectrum of life, including advocacy for and care of same-gender couples.

LGBTQ persons bring many gifts to this community and take on a variety of leadership roles. All of these gifts are valued, celebrated and encouraged.

Visible Witness

Saint Peter’s Church publicly witnesses to the place of LGBTQ persons in church and society. LGBTQ persons and their allies regularly join together to name and hold particular concern before the entire community in active, visible witness.

Continuing a long tradition of advocacy at Saint Peter’s Church, Visible Witness articulates a strong voice of religious inclusion for LGBTQ persons in the faith communities of New York, across the nation and throughout the world. Visible Witness identifies and leads the parish in addressing issues of concern at Saint Peter’s Church, presenting opportunities for learning and reflection.

Recent initiatives include giving voice to the stories of LGBTQ persons who have faced prejudice or undue hardship, supporting shelter programs for homeless LGBTQ youth, addressing teenage bullying and rejection, seeking equality for clergy in public, same-gender committed relationships, accompanying people who are “coming out,” and advocating for marriage equality.